Pedal until your heart’s content

If you’re up for some bicycle outings in the region,
you’re spoilt for choice!

Set in the heart of Gironde’s vibrant green landscapes, Les Grands Pins is only
a stone’s throw away from a winding cycle path at any given moment, each bend
and swerve leading you deeper into your Aquitaine adventure.

And with more than 100km worth of paths in the region, adventure is
certainly on the cards. For the less outdoors-savvy among you, don’t slam on your
breaks just yet: Everywhere is well sign-posted and forms a clear network of
interconnected tracks.

A handy cycling path guide can be found at our reception… a helpful companion!
Cycling doesn’t necessarily have to entail uphill struggles and chronic panting.

How does a leisurely half hour trip to Lake Moutchic sound?

A family picnic spent on the lake’s beach accompanied by the gentle whoosh
of its rippling surface and chinking and chatter from nearby cafes.

Dotted along the lake front, there are a wide array of water activities such as
stand-up paddle boarding offered by the lovely Cris which integrates local
wildlife knowledge in a guided visit, a harmonious combination of culture and sport.

That still not taking your fancy? Right then, let’s back track a little…

You remember that signpost for Maubuisson a while back en route
to Moutchic?

We’re going to take that turn and zoom down there (RESPONSIBLY!), eventually
taking a left for the breath-taking Cousseau pond, a marshland flourshing in
pine, oak, medlar and strawberry trees adorned with solomon’s seal and home
to more than 200 species of bird as well as frogs, turtles and free-roaming cattle…
a truly sensational nature reserve.


What are you waiting for to experience all this during a stay at

Camping Yelloh Village Les Grands Pins?