Go Pro in Lacanau

Maybe you are already a seasoned golfer and looking to perfect
your swing or maybe you are a complete beginner and looking
to tee-off your golfing in style

Either way you will be able to improve your technique while on holiday at
Les Grands Pins in Lacanau!

We have partnered up with some golf courses in Lacanau
to provide you with the perfect opportunity to learn or improve.

Golfing in France dates back to 1865 and the very first course was in Pau. Pau
was in fact the first golf course in mainland Europe. It still exists today if you so
happen to be passing by, why not stop off and have a look. As the story goes, a
couple of Scottish soldiers introduced golf to France way back then.

So, grab your clubs or indeed hire them and get into the swing of golfing in
beautiful France.

For Beginners

Book a private lesson with a pro at the Baganais golf course in Lacanau and
receive a 10% discount by showing your Les Grands Pins bracelet.
Or why not treat the whole family to an afternoon of minigolf. There is also
a 10% discount for our clients here too. Don’t forget to show your bracelet.

For those with more experience

We recommend going along to the Bluegreen Lacanau La Mejanne,
the Bluegreen (8 holes)

and the Garden golf in Lacanau and benefitting from a discount of between
10% and  20% on presentation of the Les Grands Pins bracelet!

Golfing in Lacanau can be an activity which you can do on your own to take a
break from surfing or sun bathing. Or you can invite your friends or family
along for a fun filled day.

There is so much to do here at Les Grands Pins and Lacanau,
that you can really 
make a day of it.

Take a picnic and make a stop at the beach or head back to the campsite for a
well deserved ice cream or cold beer after your golf! You might also want to pop
your swimming costume on and take a dip as our pools are open until 8pm.

However you organise your day, we can guarantee it will be fun and will also
allow you to completely detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

You never know, you could be the next Tiger Woods and it can all
start here in amongst the pines at Lacanau…