Top Foods to try while camping at Les Grands Pins

Well, you you didn‘ t already have a good reason to visit the south of France,
come for the food if for nothing else!

You will be spoilt for choice of foods to try here at Les Grands Pins, in Lacanau and in the
region in general. Whether you are alerady a French food connaisseur or looking to learn
about about French cuisine you will have plenty of opportunities here to savour the best
the region can offer.

Magret canard

Quite simply duck breast which is a very popular dish here in the south west of France.
This wonderful meat is often served with potatoes and is bursting with flavour!

Foie gras

It is not just at Christmas that you can try out this wonderful French delicacy. Foie gras can be
enjoyed as part of a meal or even as part of the very famous French apero, served on small
pieces of toasted bread !
It is a real luxury product made from the liver of a duck or goose. You can also
find foie gras mousse, parfait or pâté on the menu or in our supermarket on site.


For all of the seafood lovers amongst you! What better way to treat yourself on holiday than
to try some fresh oysters in our restaurant. If you are looking to head out of Les Grands Pins
for the day, why not head to Arcachon Bay where there are over 20 oyster farms, producing
up to 10,000 tonnes of oysters every year! In our region oysters can be accompanied by
crépinettes, a flat sausage.


Keep reading if your taste buds are already watering from the thought of the oysters because
we have another treat in store for you!
Have you ever though about visiting a prawn farm?
Now you can, it is located in the medoc, around an hour from our camp site.

You can pick up all of these delicacies at our supermarket or try at our restaurant
Les Fils à Maman 

Now for those of you with a sweet tooth, you will also have many new sweet treat to try ou
here on the camp site or in the local area !

Cannelés bordelais

These wonderful little vanilla flavoured cakes are a speciality of Bordeaux and are a must if
you are visiting the region ! If you have not tried these before you have definitely been missing
out, the French have been nibbling on these delights for over 300 years!!They go hand in hand
with a little sweet, black coffee. Just what you need after a busy day cycling or surfing in Lacanau!

Dunes blanches, Arcachon

If you are heading to the Dune du Pilat during your time here, make a stop in Arcachon to try
out these absolutely delicious little mouthfulls of flavour. They are basically small crispy pastries
filled with cream.  You can buy them at Chez Pascal

We hope we have given you some ideas on what to try when you come to stay at our 5 star
luxury campsite, Les Grands Pins. On site we have the Surfer’s snack bar which is open
all day.
There ist he new green sur mesure outlet, selling a whole selection of fresh sandwiches and salads.
There is our rotisserie, bakery, pizza kiosk and bar to try out as well!

Make your holiday here with us a real food discovery as well as a moment of fun
and relaxation !